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Next Level Speed

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Discover the Secret to Unmatched Speed

Imagine leaving your competition in the dust, breaking your personal records, and achieving the kind of speed you've only dreamed of. With "Next Level Speed," that dream becomes a reality. We're not just talking about getting a bit faster; we're talking about revolutionizing the way you train, ensuring that WHERE FAST...GETS FASTER.

Why Next Level Speed Stands Out

  • FULL PREP: Begin each session fully prepared to maximize performance.
  • FULL WORKOUT: Comprehensive training designed for speed enhancement.
  • REGRESSIONS, PROGRESSIONS, & SUBSTITUTIONS: Tailored to suit your current level and push you beyond.
  • IMPROVE LOWER BODY STRENGTH & POWER: Key factors in speed development.
  • IMPROVE SINGLE LEG STRENGTH & POWER: Critical for balance, power, and efficiency.
  • IMPROVE LOWER BODY SUPPORT STRENGTH & POWER: Enhance your core, stability, and overall athleticism.
  • IMPROVE ACCELERATION: Instantly add explosive speed to your current training routine.

What Makes Us Different?

At the heart of "Next Level Speed" is our commitment to transforming athletes using scientifically proven methods. We use the expression, "Speed Kills," often because we understand the significant advantage speed brings to your game. Our program is designed not just to make you faster but to fundamentally change the way you approach speed training. Suitable for athletes at any level, "Next Level Speed" is your ticket to becoming the fastest version of yourself.


  • How quickly can I see results? Results can vary based on your current level, dedication, and consistency with the program. However, athletes often see notable improvements within the first few weeks.
  • Is this program suitable for beginners? Absolutely! "Next Level Speed" includes regressions, progressions, and substitutions to cater to all levels, from beginners to elite athletes.
  • Can I integrate this with my current training routine? Yes, "Next Level Speed" is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing training schedule, enhancing your performance without overtraining.
  • Where can I learn more about "Next Level Speed"? Visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @kingperformancesystems_, YouTube at, and Twitter @KINGPERFORMANCE for more details and success stories.

Don't let another day pass by at the same speed. It's time to accelerate your performance and leave the competition behind. Join "Next Level Speed" today and watch how fast becomes faster!