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Discover a Revolutionary Approach to Basketball Positions

Are you ready to challenge the traditional norms of basketball positions? With MODERN POSITIONS, you can redefine the game, ensuring every player is utilized to their fullest potential. Created by seasoned NBA G-league Assistant Coach Ben Resner, this approach is designed to match players with positions that truly reflect their skills and abilities, fostering individual growth and team success.


  • Shared Definitions: Establish a common language for organizing players that reflects the modern game.
  • Maximized Skill Development: Use tailored positions to enhance individual player growth.
  • Winning Lineups: Learn the traits needed to build balanced, victorious teams.
  • Improved Evaluation Skills: Sharpen your ability to identify and categorize player types effectively.
  • Optimal Player Success: Position players in roles where they can excel during game situations.

What's Included?

MODERN POSITIONS provides an in-depth look at 8 unique player profiles, from the "Floor General" to the "Modern Big," each with detailed explanations of the attributes and skills needed for success. Plus, gain exclusive insights into constructing modern lineups that win games, all derived from Coach Ben Resner's extensive experience in the NBA G-league.


Who can benefit from MODERN POSITIONS?
Whether you're a coach at any level, a player looking to understand and improve your game, or a fan eager to comprehend the nuances of modern basketball, MODERN POSITIONS offers valuable insights for everyone.

How does MODERN POSITIONS differ from traditional position definitions?
This approach goes beyond the outdated five-position system, recognizing the fluidity and versatility required in today's game. It provides a framework for developing players' skills and understanding their roles on the court more effectively.

Is there support material available?
Yes! MODERN POSITIONS includes detailed video analysis for each position, featuring real-game scenarios and player evaluations. Also, gain access to Q&A sessions that delve deeper into constructing winning lineups and strategies.

Take the First Step Towards Revolutionizing Your Basketball Strategy

Embrace the change with MODERN POSITIONS and unlock the full potential of your team or personal game. Start building balanced, winning lineups today by understanding the modern game on a deeper level. With Coach Ben Resner's expertise, you're in excellent hands. Are you ready to challenge the status quo and elevate your basketball IQ? Join us now and redefine success on the basketball court.