Mike Ryan- Maine 3rd Down Defense


Mike Ryan- Maine 3rd Down Defense

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Transform Your Team's Defense

Defensive Coordinator Mike Ryan of the University of Maine unveils the strategic depth of Maine's 3rd Down Defense, focusing on the critical aspects of philosophy, identity, and the intricacies of nickel and dime package pressures and coverages. This comprehensive guide is designed to elevate defensive strategies to elite levels, offering insights into one of the most formidable defenses in college football.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from Mike Ryan, the architect behind Maine's top-ranked rush defense.
  • Comprehensive Breakdown: Detailed analysis of Maine's 3rd Down Defense structure, including both nickel and dime packages.
  • Philosophy & Identity: Understand the core principles that form the backbone of an impenetrable defense.
  • Free Preview Content: Get a taste of the high-quality instruction with free preview sections.
  • Proven Success: Gain insights from a defense that led Maine to the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) final four with the nation's leading rush defense.
  • Recruitment Excellence: Benefit from the strategies used by Ryan in his role as Maine's recruiting coordinator to build a top-performing team.

Why Choose This Course?

This course is not just a series of tutorials; it's a transformative experience for coaches looking to instill discipline, efficiency, and strategic depth in their defense. With Mike Ryan's proven track record, this guide offers a rare glimpse into the tactics of one of the most respected defensive units in college football. Whether you're looking to fortify your team's 3rd down defense or seeking a comprehensive defensive strategy overhaul, this course is an indispensable resource.


  • Is this course suitable for new coaches?
    Yes, this course is designed to benefit both seasoned veterans and new coaches by laying down the fundamental philosophies alongside advanced defensive strategies.
  • Can I access the course content anytime?
    Yes, once purchased, the course content is available for you to revisit at any time, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  • How will this course help me improve my team's defense?
    By applying the philosophies, strategies, and specific defensive structures taught by Mike Ryan, you'll be equipped to significantly enhance your team's 3rd down defense performance.