MFCN LIVE Clinic 2022 Bundle 7


MFCN LIVE Clinic 2022 Bundle 7

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Why Choose MFCN LIVE Clinic 2022 Bundle 7?

  • Expert Insights: Learn from top industry professionals like Coach Joe Connolly and Coach Tim Dougherty.
  • Comprehensive Content: Over 150 minutes of high-quality instructional content covering S&C program development, performance enhancement, and special teams strategy.
  • High School Focus: Tailored specifically for high school level coaching, ensuring relevant and impactful learning.
  • Community Support: Your purchase directly supports MFCN, a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the game and supporting coaches and student-athletes.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a wide network of coaches and professionals in the football industry.

Benefits of MFCN LIVE Clinic 2022 Bundle 7

  • Immediate Impact: Apply what you learn right away to see tangible improvements in your team's performance and development.
  • Exclusive Content: Access to insights and strategies not available elsewhere, from seasoned professionals with years of experience.
  • Support High School Football: Contribute to the growth and development of high school football through your support of MFCN.
  • Enhance Your Coaching Skills: Elevate your coaching approach with modern, effective strategies that can be implemented at any level.
  • Build Valuable Connections: Join a vibrant community of coaches committed to excellence and continuous improvement.


  • What is included in the MFCN LIVE Clinic 2022 Bundle 7?
    It includes over 2.5 hours of content from three seasoned coaches covering strength & conditioning, program development, and special teams.
  • Who benefits from purchasing this bundle?
    High school football coaches looking to improve their coaching skills, enhance team performance, and build successful programs.
  • How does my purchase support the MFCN?
    100% of your donation goes directly to MFCN, supporting its mission to grow the game and support student-athletes and coaches.
  • Can I access this content from anywhere?
    Yes, once purchased, you can access the content from any device, anytime, making it easy to learn at your own pace.