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Marist PNR Defense

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Attention Coaches Everywhere

Struggling with limiting the effectiveness of the pick and roll in your team's defense? You're not alone. The simplicity yet complexity of guarding the pick and roll has been a challenge for coaches at all levels. But, fear not! The Marist PNR Defense course, led by Coach John Dunne of Marist, is here to turn your defensive strategy around with advanced techniques in trapping ball screens.

Why Marist PNR Defense is a Game Changer

Coach John Dunne doesn't just teach defense; he dives deep into the philosophy behind it and explores various pick and roll situations to equip you with the knowledge to effectively use traps and disrupt your opponent's game. With Marist PNR Defense, you'll gain insights that are directly applicable, transforming your team's defense strategy.

Features and Benefits

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from John Dunne, the current head men's basketball coach at Marist College with an extensive coaching background.
  • Comprehensive Content: Over 20 video segments covering every aspect of pick and roll defense, from high hands and foul strategies to double ball screens and drop coverage.
  • Direct Application: Practical advice and strategies that can be immediately implemented into your team's defense plan.
  • Exclusive Access: Be part of the inaugural NJBCA Membership Drive, joining a community of coaches dedicated to improving their game.
  • Continuous Learning: Access to future events and clinics, ensuring you stay ahead of the game with the latest defensive strategies.

Take Action Now

Don't let your team's defense fall behind because of ineffective pick and roll strategies. Enroll in the Marist PNR Defense course today and start shaping a more dynamic and disruptive defense that will leave your opponents struggling to keep up.


Who should enroll in the Marist PNR Defense course?
Basketball coaches at all levels who are looking to improve their team's defense against the pick and roll.

How do I access the Marist PNR Defense course?
Visit our website and sign up for the NJBCA Membership Drive to gain access to the Marist PNR Defense course and much more.

Can I apply these strategies to any team?
Yes, the strategies taught in the Marist PNR Defense course are versatile and can be adapted to fit any team's defensive scheme.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?
No, this course is designed for coaches at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Transform your team's pick and roll defense now with Marist PNR Defense. Your journey to a more effective defense starts here.