MacAttack Trick Plays


MacAttack Trick Plays

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Why Choose MacAttack Trick Plays?

  • Proven Success: Crafted by Coach Jason McManus, whose strategies led South Pointe High School to 4 consecutive state titles.
  • High Scoring Offense: Experience an offense that averaged 43.9 points per game over 3 years, showcasing its effectiveness.
  • Innovative Plays: Includes unique plays like the Double Pass, QB Stretch Pass, and the legendary Philly Special.
  • Boost Team Morale: Break the monotony of regular practices with fun, engaging, and challenging trick plays.
  • Instant Access to Winning Strategies: Get immediate insight into plays that have been tested and proven at the highest levels of high school football.
  • Free Bonus Content: Enjoy complimentary access to select plays, including the Double Pass and Tebow Jump Pass.

Benefits of Implementing MacAttack Trick Plays

  • Turn Games Around: Ideal for pivotal moments to gain an upper hand right after turnovers.
  • Keep Opponents Guessing: With an arsenal of unexpected plays, make your team unpredictable and hard to defend.
  • Enhance Player Skills: Challenge your players with complex plays that promote skill development and strategic thinking.
  • Winning Culture: Build a culture of success and innovation by employing tactics from a top-performing coach.
  • Engage Your Team: Infuse excitement and motivation into your practices, making training sessions something every player looks forward to.


  • Who is Coach Jason McManus?
    Coach McManus is a seasoned football coach with a successful 12-year college coaching career before leading South Pointe High School to multiple state championships with the MACATTACK offense.
  • What does the MacAttack Trick Plays package include?
    It includes detailed video breakdowns of several trick plays, including the Double Pass, QB Stretch Pass, Double Pass Back to QB, Philly Special, and Tebow Jump Pass.
  • Is this suitable for teams at any level?
    Yes, Coach McManus' strategies are designed for teams at various levels looking to enhance their offensive game with innovative and effective plays.
  • How can these plays benefit my team?
    Implementing these plays can lead to a more dynamic offense, improved player morale, and better game outcomes by keeping opponents on their toes.