Lovejoy Tackling Circuit: Compression, Hawk, Hawk Roll, Ankle Slap& Profile


Lovejoy Tackling Circuit: Compression, Hawk, Hawk Roll, Ankle Slap& Profile

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Introduction to Lovejoy Tackling Circuit

Developed by Chris Ross, the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Lovejoy High School, the Lovejoy Tackling Circuit training program is designed to enhance the defensive tactics and techniques of football players at all levels. This comprehensive program includes a series of drills focused on improving tackling skills, footwork, and player agility.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Training Modules: From stance to drive step, box shuffle to fast flow counter footwork, the program covers all essential aspects of tackling.
  • Specialized Drills: Includes unique drills like the Hawk, Hawk Roll, Ankle Slap, and Profile to refine specific tackling techniques.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Each drill is meticulously planned with exact durations, ensuring targeted and efficient training sessions.
  • Expert Instructions: Receive instructions from Chris Ross, a celebrated high school football coach with a proven track record.
  • Adaptable for All Levels: Suitable for players and teams at any skill level, aiming to improve their defensive game.

Why Choose Lovejoy Tackling Circuit?

Implementing the Lovejoy Tackling Circuit into your team's training regimen guarantees a significant improvement in tackling skills, player confidence, and overall team performance. The program's structured approach to tackling ensures that players are well-prepared to face any defensive scenario on the field. With this program, coaches can efficiently identify and address each player's weaknesses, turning potential vulnerabilities into strengths.


  • Who can benefit from the Lovejoy Tackling Circuit?
    Football players and teams of any skill level looking to improve their defensive tactics and overall game performance.
  • How long does each drill last?
    Drill durations vary to target specific skills effectively, ranging from quick 2-minute drills to more in-depth 4-minute exercises.
  • Is this program suitable for individual players or only for teams?
    While designed with teams in mind, individual players committed to enhancing their defensive skills will also find great value in this program.
  • How do I integrate this program into our current training regimen?
    The program can be easily adapted to your existing training schedules, serving as either a supplementary component or a core focus of your defensive training sessions.