Kyle Flood - Univ. of Texas - Texas Zone Run Game (w/ Steve Sarkisian)


Kyle Flood - Univ. of Texas - Texas Zone Run Game (w/ Steve Sarkisian)

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Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge strategies that have propelled the University of Texas to the forefront of college football's elite offenses. Join Kyle Flood, the mastermind behind UT’s dynamic offense, as he shares the secrets of the Texas Zone Run Game at the Texas High School Coaches Association 90th annual Coaching School and Convention.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Insights: Gain unparalleled access to the strategies developed by Kyle Flood alongside an introduction by Steve Sarkisian.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: A detailed 57-minute lecture breaking down the components of the Texas Zone Run Game.
  • Proven Success: Learn from the architect behind one of the nation's top offenses in scoring, red zone efficiency, rushing, and 3rd down conversions.
  • Award-Winning Techniques: Insights from the coaching minds that led Alabama's offensive line to win the 2020 Joe Moore Award.
  • Extensive Experience: Benefit from Flood's rich coaching history, from leading Rutgers to its first Big East Championship to orchestrating one of Alabama's best offenses.


  • Elevate Your Coaching: Apply Kyle Flood's zone run game tactics to enhance your team's offensive performance.
  • In-depth Understanding: Master the intricacies of the zone run game that have made Texas a powerhouse in college football.
  • On-field Application: Translate Flood's offensive strategies to tangible results on the field for your team.
  • Leadership Skills: Learn from Flood's journey and leadership, translating his experiences into lessons beyond the field.
  • Community and Networking: Join a community of coaches dedicated to refining their craft and expanding their network within the sport.

Why Choose This Lecture?

Whether you’re looking to refine your offensive strategies or seeking inspiration from some of the most successful coaches in recent college football history, this lecture offers invaluable insights. Kyle Flood’s comprehensive breakdown, combined with Steve Sarkisian’s opening insights, provides a rare glimpse into the mechanics and philosophy behind the Texas Zone Run Game. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and apply these championship-level strategies to your team.


  • Who should attend this lecture? - Football coaches at all levels who aim to improve their offensive strategies, as well as sports enthusiasts interested in understanding high-level football tactics.
  • How can I access the lecture? - Details for accessing the lecture will be provided upon registration for the event.
  • Will there be opportunities for Q&A? - Yes, there will be sessions allocated for questions to ensure attendees can delve deeper into the zone run game concepts.