KICKOFF Coverage System: Directional Kick Away From Return Man


KICKOFF Coverage System: Directional Kick Away From Return Man

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Unlock the Secrets to Directional Kicking

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Roger Holmes, a 29-year head coaching veteran with 241 wins, including two state titles in Georgia.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Techniques: Detailed breakdowns of Deep Kick Short Corner, Deep Kick Wide Side, Lob Kick, and Onside strategies.
  • Adaptable to "What-If" Scenarios: Holmes addresses how to adjust your kickoff team's approach to counter return team strategies effectively.
  • Easy to Install & Teach: A straightforward system designed for quick implementation and understanding.
  • Exclusive Game Film Analysis: Benefit from game film breakdowns to visualize concepts and strategies in action.

Why Choose the KICKOFF Coverage System?

  • Increase Your Team's Efficiency: Streamline your kickoff strategy to improve overall team performance and reduce errors.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Leverage Holmes' extensive experience and success to give your team an advantage over the competition.
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere: With detailed video content, revisit lessons and strategies as needed to refine your team's skills.
  • Award-Winning Coaching Insights: Benefit from the strategies of a coach who has received State Coach of the Year honors and set records in points scored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this system suitable for teams at all levels?

Yes, the KICKOFF Coverage System is designed to be adaptable and beneficial for high school teams of varying sizes and skill levels.

How quickly can I see results from implementing this system?

While results can vary, many teams report improvements in their kickoff coverage within a few weeks of consistent practice and application of the techniques.

Does the course provide specific drills for practice?

Yes, alongside strategic insights, the course offers practical drills and exercises to reinforce learning and skill development.

Can this system be integrated with existing kickoff strategies?

Absolutely. The KICKOFF Coverage System is designed to complement and enhance your existing kickoff strategies, providing options to refine and improve your approach.