Jovan Dewitt - Special Teams Drills and Fundamentals


Jovan Dewitt - Special Teams Drills and Fundamentals

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Key Features of this Course:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Detailed analysis on drills, concepts, and fundamentals used by top teams.
  • Exclusive Content: Includes 1-on-1 drills UNC uses, with step-by-step breakdowns.
  • Real Game Examples: Skim Tackle and Kickoff Return strategies applied in actual games.
  • Expert Coaching: Jovan Dewitt's 23 years of collegiate coaching experience distilled into each lesson.
  • Player Development Focus: Proven techniques that have developed all-conference linebackers and defensive players of the year.

Benefits of Enrolling in this Course:

  • Gain an Edge: Learn the secrets behind effective special teams strategies that can change the outcome of games.
  • Improve Player Performance: Apply Dewitt’s player development strategies to enhance your team’s overall skill set.
  • Exclusive Insights: Get access to game film breakdowns, offering a unique perspective on special teams execution.
  • Achieve Excellence: Utilize Dewitt’s drills and fundamentals to build a disciplined and efficient special teams unit.
  • Learn from the Best: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a coach who has contributed to top defenses and special teams units across the nation.

Why Choose Jovan Dewitt's Course?

With a career spanning over two decades, Jovan Dewitt has mastered the art of coaching special teams and defense. His units are known for their discipline, efficiency, and game-changing plays. This course offers an exclusive opportunity to learn from a coach who has consistently developed top-tier talent and executed winning strategies on the field. Whether you're looking to improve your team's performance or deepen your understanding of special teams, Jovan Dewitt's course is your gateway to excellence.


  • Who should enroll in this course? This course is ideal for coaches at all levels who wish to enhance their special teams’ performance, as well as players looking to specialize in this area.
  • What will I gain from this course? You will gain comprehensive knowledge of special teams strategies, drills, and player development techniques that have been proven to succeed at the collegiate level.
  • How is the course content delivered? The course is delivered through detailed video lessons, covering drills, game film analysis, and conceptual breakdowns.