Jordan Vierra - Georgetown HS - BASEBALL - Killing the Buffalo: Offense


Jordan Vierra - Georgetown HS - BASEBALL - Killing the Buffalo: Offense

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Discover the offensive strategies that have propelled Georgetown High School to the forefront of Texas high school baseball. Delivered at the prestigious Texas High School Coaches Association 90th annual Coaching School and Convention in July 2022, this lecture by Jordan Vierra is a must-watch for coaches and players aiming to elevate their game.

Why Jordan Vierra's Lecture is a Game Changer

  • Expert Insights: Benefit from the extensive experience and successful strategies of Jordan Vierra, who has led Georgetown High School's baseball team to new heights.
  • Comprehensive Content: A 46-minute deep dive into the "Georgetown Offense" philosophy that covers all bases of developing a winning offensive strategy.
  • Proven Track Record: Learn from a coach who has not only excelled at the high school level but also has valuable experience in collegiate baseball and coaching roles across the country.
  • Accessible Anywhere: With this lecture video, gain insights and inspiration whether you're at home, in the office, or on the field.
  • Boost Your Team's Performance: Implement the strategies and philosophies discussed by Coach Vierra and watch your team's offensive performance soar.

Meet Jordan Vierra

Jordan Vierra’s storied career includes playing and coaching stints that span high school, college, and competitive summer leagues. A Georgetown High School alumnus and head coach, his deep connection to the game and innovative coaching methods have made him a respected figure in baseball coaching circles. His dedication to the sport and his players is evident in every minute of this insightful lecture.


  • How long is the lecture video?
    The lecture video is 46 minutes and 20 seconds long, packed with valuable insights and strategies.
  • Is this lecture suitable for all coaching levels?
    Yes, whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, there's something to learn for everyone.
  • How can I access the lecture?
    Upon purchase, you will receive a link to stream the lecture video at your convenience.
  • Can I watch the lecture more than once?
    Yes, you can watch the lecture as many times as you need to fully grasp the winning strategies.