Jet Sweep Game in the Wing T


Jet Sweep Game in the Wing T

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Unlock the Secrets of an Effective Jet Sweep

Transform your football team's offensive strategy with insights from Tommy Gilleran, the acclaimed Head Coach at Lake Hamilton High School and winner of the 2019 Gatorade Coaching Excellence Award. This comprehensive course on the Jet Sweep Game in the Wing T formation is designed to increase your team's pace, agility, and effectiveness on the field.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Tommy Gilleran, a recognized authority in football coaching with a track record of success, including a State Championship win.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering all aspects from introduction to advanced game film analysis, this course offers detailed insights into executing a successful Jet Sweep.
  • Technique Focused: Gain exclusive techniques to enhance your team's speed and strategies for loosening the interior defense, shifting pressure effectively.
  • Practical Application: Includes game film analysis for real-world application, helping coaches understand various defensive fronts and how to adapt.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with practice tips and Q&A sections to clarify doubts and enhance understanding, ensuring practical, actionable learning.
  • Flexibility: Whether you run a traditional Wing T or incorporate elements of the Gun, this course offers adaptable strategies for various offensive schemes.

Why Choose This Course?

Tommy Gilleran's "Jet Sweep Game in the Wing T" is not just another coaching course. It embodies a strategic approach, focusing on speed and agility, to give your team a competitive edge. Whether you're looking to refine your offensive playbook or introduce dynamic new plays, this course provides the tools, techniques, and insights necessary to elevate your game.


  • Is this course suitable for new coaches?
    Yes, it's designed to cater to both new and experienced coaches seeking to expand their knowledge and tactics.
  • How can I apply these techniques to my current playbook?
    The course provides versatile strategies that can be adapted to various playbooks, enhancing your team's overall performance.
  • What makes this course different from other football coaching courses?
    It's led by a nationally recognized coach with proven success on the field, offering in-depth analysis and practice tips that are not commonly found in other courses.