Jet Sweep from Shotgun Wing T


Jet Sweep from Shotgun Wing T

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Why Choose Jet Sweep from Shotgun Wing T?

  • Proven Success: Crafted by the coach who revolutionized the Shotgun Wing T, boasting six State championship game appearances and four state championships.
  • Strategic Advantage: Utilizes the Jet Sweep to get the ball into your playmaker’s hands quickly, providing another explosive option for your top WR.
  • Flexibility: Can be effectively run to either side, making it a versatile play against various defensive setups.
  • Blitz Counter: Excellent against blitzes, running the Jet to the Strongside to counter quick side blitzes effectively.
  • Defensive Displacement: Forces the defense to cover more ground, running sideline to sideline, which can tire out and disorganize opposing teams.
  • Buck Sweep Protection: Safeguards your buck sweep, offering strategic play against defenses that overload or slant strong.
  • Adaptable Execution: Detailed guidance on running the Jet Sweep from both under center and the Gun, including game film reviews to highlight advantages and disadvantages.
  • Complementary Plays: Enhances your playbook with effective complementary plays from the gun, especially Play Action, for a more dynamic offense.

What Sets This Coaching Strategy Apart?

  • Expertise: Learn from a coach with a decorated career, including multiple Coach of the Year awards and a state record 33-game win streak.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Offers free game film analysis segments, breaking down key components like O-Line Sprint Blocking Technique and Lead Blocker strategies.
  • Strategic Insights: Provides insights on running the Jet Sweep to exploit the slowest DE and the worst Force Defender, maximizing your offensive efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the initial introduction to concluding drills, covers every aspect of implementing the Jet Sweep into your offense.
  • Free Resources: Includes downloadable PowerPoint presentations and access to the Left Coast Spread Wing T System, enriching your coaching toolkit.


  • Can I implement this strategy at any level of play? Yes, the Jet Sweep from Shotgun Wing T is designed to be adaptable for teams at various levels, from high school to college.
  • How difficult is it to integrate this into my current playbook? With detailed guides, game film analysis, and complimentary play suggestions, integrating this strategy into your existing playbook can be seamless and straightforward.
  • What if my team has never run plays from the Gun before? The product provides comprehensive guidance on making the transition, focusing on similarities in Oline technique and the benefits of complementary plays from the Gun.