Jet Shotgun Wing T System for Youth Football


Jet Shotgun Wing T System for Youth Football

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Unlock the potential of your youth football offense with the Jet Shotgun Wing T (Gun T) system. Designed to outmaneuver and outplay the defense, this playbook is your key to a dynamic, unstoppable offensive strategy.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Structured Attack: Provides a cohesive strategy with plays that complement each other, ensuring your team is always a step ahead.
  • Jet Sweep Series: Utilizes the Jet Sweep as the cornerstone play, creating opportunities to get your athletes the ball in space quickly and effectively.
  • If-Then System: Adapts to the defense's actions with an "If they do this, Then we do that" approach, allowing for real-time strategic decisions.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Stretching: Forces the defense to cover all parts of the field, making your offense difficult to predict and defend against.
  • Explosive Offense: Designed to be powerful regardless of your team's athletic ability, maximizing your offensive potential.
  • Comprehensive Playbook: Includes detailed plays, blocking schemes, motion timing, and a no huddle play calling system, providing a complete offensive solution.
  • Easy to Install: Comes with a clear installation schedule and player placement guide, ensuring a smooth adoption for your team.

What's Included in the Playbook?

  • Complete Jet Sweep Series with variations to both sides
  • Complementary plays like Jet Power, Trap, Buck, and Reverse Buck
  • Passing schemes including Post-Wheel, Seams, and Flood
  • Unbalanced formation strategies for additional versatility
  • Bonus plays to keep the defense guessing

About Coach Jeff and Youth Football Online

With 15 years of experience in coaching youth football, Coach Jeff has teamed up with Youth Football Online, a premier resource established in 2010, to bring you this innovative playbook. Their expertise and dedication to the sport ensure that your team gains a competitive edge on the field.


  • How will this system benefit my team?
    This system is designed to provide a structured, dynamic offense that can adapt to any defense, ensuring your team's success on the field.
  • Is this playbook suitable for teams with less athletic players?
    Yes, the Jet Shotgun Wing T system is designed to maximize your offensive potential regardless of your team's athletic ability.
  • How can I get the complete PDF of the playbook?
    After your purchase, please shoot us an email at to receive your complete PDF playbook.