It`s Not What We Do, But How We Do It - Vic Schaefer, Univ. of Texas


It`s Not What We Do, But How We Do It - Vic Schaefer, Univ. of Texas

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Unlock the Secrets to Success with Vic Schaefer

Embark on a journey to excellence with "It's Not What We Do, But How We Do It" by Vic Schaefer, the renowned head coach of Texas Women's Basketball. This product is not just another coaching manual; it's a testament to the power of dedication, strategy, and leadership. Discover the philosophies and strategies that propelled Vic Schaefer to national recognition and can transform your approach to coaching and team management.

Why Choose "It's Not What We Do, But How We Do It"?

  • Proven Success: Learn from a Two-Time National Coach of the Year with a career record of 322-182 [.639].
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to the strategies that led the Texas Women's Basketball team to the NCAA Elite Eight and beyond.
  • Inspirational Journey: Be motivated by Vic Schaefer's story from his roots in Texas to becoming a celebrated coach in women's basketball.
  • Leadership Lessons: Understand the leadership and motivational tactics that can be applied to any team or organization.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Covering everything from recruitment to game-day strategies, this guide is invaluable for new and experienced coaches alike.

What You'll Discover Inside

Inside "It's Not What We Do, But How We Do It", you'll find a blend of personal anecdotes, tactical advice, and actionable strategies that encompass the essence of successful coaching. Schaefer's approach is detailed in a manner that is both engaging and educational, offering readers a unique glimpse into the mindset that leads to victory on and off the court.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should read this book?
Coaches at all levels, sports management professionals, and anyone interested in leadership and team-building will find valuable insights in this book.

Is this book relevant for coaches outside of basketball?
Absolutely. While the context is basketball, the principles of leadership, strategy, and team dynamics are universal.

How can this book help me improve my coaching?
By implementing the strategies and philosophies shared by Vic Schaefer, readers can expect to enhance their approach to coaching, leadership, and team management, leading to improved team performance and personal growth as a coach.

Where can I purchase this book?
"It's Not What We Do, But How We Do It" is available for purchase through various online retailers. Get your copy today and start transforming your coaching career!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Order your copy of "It's Not What We Do, But How We Do It" now and take the first step towards coaching excellence.