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It is Personal

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Attention Hoop Dreamers!

Are you or your child passionate about basketball but struggling to make a mark on the court? Does the journey from dribbling to scoring feel like a mountain too steep to climb? What if there was a roadmap, crafted by experts, to navigate this path and unlock your full potential? Enter "It is Personal" - a Development One Basketball Training program designed to turn aspirations into reality.

Why "It is Personal"?

Because we believe every athlete's journey is unique. Our program isn't just about drills and skills; it's about crafting a personal connection with the game. From age 7 onwards, we tailor our coaching to fit the needs of each player, from beginners to advanced competitors, ensuring they not only excel on the court but also develop the discipline and resilience needed for life's challenges.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Covers all facets of the game from dribbling to scoring, ensuring well-rounded athletes.
  • Tailored Training Regimes: Customizable to suit the skill level and goals of each player, from the grassroots to the elite.
  • Experienced Coaches: Learn from those who've played and coached at competitive levels, bringing invaluable insights and strategies.
  • Building Life Skills: Beyond basketball, our program fosters discipline, resilience, and teamwork.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Sessions designed to fit into the busy lives of players and their families.

Action: Take the First Step

Imagine the pride of achieving that first crossover dribble, the thrill of scoring under pressure, the satisfaction of being a reliable team player. These aren't just dreams; they're milestones awaiting on your "It is Personal" journey. But the clock is ticking, and the court awaits. Are you ready to take the leap?


Who can join the "It is Personal" training program?
Anyone aged 7 or above, from beginners to advanced players looking to enhance their game.

When can I start?
Enrollment is ongoing, so you can start your journey to basketball excellence at any time that suits you.

Do I need any previous basketball experience?
No, our program is designed to cater to all skill levels, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to grow.

How long does it take to see improvement?
While individual results vary, many see noticeable improvements in their skills and understanding of the game within just a few weeks of consistent training.