Interview #2: Jefferson Mason - Dr. Dish Skills Trainer


Interview #2: Jefferson Mason - Dr. Dish Skills Trainer

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Attention: Basketball Enthusiasts and Aspiring Players!

Ever wondered what separates the good players from the truly great ones? The answer often lies not just in talent, but in the quality of training and insights from those who've successfully navigated the path to excellence. Jefferson Mason, with his extensive background as a player, coach, and skills trainer, brings to you an invaluable resource for any basketball player looking to elevate their game.

Interest: Why Jefferson Mason's Interview is a Must-Watch

Jefferson Mason, through his years of experience across various levels of basketball, including playing for a D1 SEC Scout Team, serving as a D1 SEC Graduate Assistant, and coaching at a 7A High School in Birmingham, AL, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. This interview delves into his journey, the evolution of basketball over the years, and the crucial skills players need to develop to reach their full potential.

Desire: Key Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive Insights: Learn from Jefferson's unique perspective on the game's changing dynamics and what it takes to adapt and thrive.
  • Professional Experience: Benefit from Jefferson's experience across high-level positions, including his time on a D1 SEC Scout Team and as a Graduate Assistant.
  • Coaching Expertise: Jefferson's current roles as a Head JV Coach and an Assistant Varsity Coach, along with his USA Basketball Gold Coach License, underscore his expertise in coaching young players.
  • Podcast Founder: As the founder of the @uptempopodcast, Jefferson is at the forefront of discussing current trends and training methods in basketball, offering listeners added value.

Action: Don’t Miss Out on This Game-Changing Interview

Whether you’re a player looking to level up, a coach seeking fresh perspectives, or a basketball fan eager to understand the game on a deeper level, Jefferson Mason's insights are an indispensable resource. Dive into the mind of a seasoned professional and bring your understanding of basketball to new heights.


  • How can I access the interview?
    The interview is available for viewing online. Simply follow the link provided to start watching.
  • Is this interview appropriate for all ages?
    Yes, the interview is designed to provide value to basketball players, coaches, and enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Can I share this interview with my team/coach?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to share this valuable resource with others who can benefit from Jefferson Mason's insights.