Installing Shifts, Trades and Motions into any Offense


Installing Shifts, Trades and Motions into any Offense

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Unlock the Winning Strategy for Any Offensive System

Introducing a proven system that integrates shifts, trades, and motions seamlessly into your existing offensive playbook. Developed from the successful Multiple Wing T Offense and adaptable to any offensive framework, this strategy has been a game-changer in winning crucial matches. Whether you're an experienced coach or new to the game, this system is designed to elevate your team's performance on the field.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Video Modules: Step-by-step instructions covering from basic introduction to advanced tactics including shifts, trades, and motions.
  • Universal Applicability: Designed to fit any offensive scheme, maximizing the versatility and effectiveness of your game plan.
  • Proven Success: Strategies developed and refined by Coach Bishop, with a track record of setting numerous school records and playoff appearances.
  • Practical Examples: Real game scenarios and motion examples to illustrate the effective implementation of strategies.
  • Free Introductory Content: Access to initial modules at no cost, offering a glimpse into the transformative potential of the system.
  • Expert Coaching Insights: Benefit from years of experience as Coach Bishop shares the nuances of the Wing T offense and beyond.
  • Enhanced Team Coordination: Master the art of pre-snap movement to keep defenses guessing and gain a competitive edge.

Why Choose This System?

Opting for "Installing Shifts, Trades and Motions into any Offense" isn't just about learning new plays; it's about revolutionizing how your team performs under pressure. It's about building an unpredictable offense that can adapt and thrive in any situation. With this system, you gain more than knowledge; you gain a winning advantage.


  • Can this system be adapted to other offensive styles?
    Yes, it's designed with flexibility in mind, making it compatible with any offensive strategy.
  • Is this suitable for coaching at all levels?
    Absolutely, from youth leagues to high school teams, any coach can implement these strategies to improve their offense.
  • How quickly can we see results?
    While results can vary, teams often notice improvements in coordination and scoring potential within a few weeks of consistent practice.