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Unlock the full potential of your football team's special teams unit with this comprehensive guide. Discover the strategies that will provide you with a decisive field position advantage, enhancing your team's chances of victory.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Addresses all facets of the special teams, including Kickoff, Punt, PAT & Field Goal Units, Kickoff Return, Punt Return, and PAT & Field Goal Block.
  • Extensive Experience: Authored by Jerry Campbell, who brings over 45 years of coaching experience across all levels, ensuring that insights come from a seasoned professional.
  • Detailed Schemes: Contains 220 pages filled with a variety of special teams schemes, complete with X & O diagrams, detailed explanations, and coaching points for easy understanding and application.
  • Field Position Advantage: Learn strategies that maximize field position change, significantly improving your team's defensive efficiency by making it harder for opponents to score.
  • Resource for All Coaches: Whether you are involved in College, High School, or youth football, this manual is an indispensable resource for enhancing your coaching knowledge and team's performance.
  • Versatile Learning: Can be utilized as a thought-provoking guide to evaluate and refine philosophies, preparation, and schemes, guaranteeing an improvement in your football knowledge and approach.

Why Choose "Installing a Complete Special Teams Approach"?

This manual not only serves as a comprehensive guide to improving your special teams unit but also as a testament to the importance of special teams in winning football games. With detailed schemes, experienced insights, and a focus on maximizing field position, your team will experience significant improvements in both performance and strategy. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to lead your team to victory.


  • Who can benefit from this manual?
    Coaches at any level of football - College, High School, or youth - looking to enhance their special teams strategy and overall team performance.
  • What makes this manual stand out?
    The combination of comprehensive coverage of all special teams components, detailed and easy-to-understand schemes, and the vast experience of Coach Jerry Campbell makes this manual an unparalleled resource in football coaching.
  • How can this manual improve a team's chances of winning?
    By implementing the strategies and schemes detailed in this manual, teams can gain a significant field position advantage, making it more challenging for opponents to score and thereby increasing the team's chances of success.