INSTALL #3 - Building Install 3 with the Offensive Staff Favorite Plays


INSTALL #3 - Building Install 3 with the Offensive Staff Favorite Plays

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Why INSTALL #3 is a Game Changer

  • Empower Your Coaching Staff: Gives your coaching staff a voice in the offensive strategy, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration.
  • Comprehensive Learning Tools: Includes a detailed 6:34 minute Install 3 video, a 13:18 minute Install 3 Teach Video, and a Playbook, offering various ways to learn and apply the concepts.
  • Enhance Your Playbook: Focuses on Gap Runs and other Compliments to the Offense, diversifying your team's offensive capabilities.
  • Downloadable Content: Comes with a downloadable playbook, allowing for easy access and reference during planning and practice sessions.
  • Expertly Crafted by Coach Bobby Acosta: Developed by a renowned coach known for offensive strategy, ensuring your team is learning from the best.

Benefits of INSTALL #3

  • Optimize Team Performance: By integrating staff favorite plays, your team operates on a playbook that is both effective and motivating.
  • Save Time in Meeting Rooms: With ready-to-use teaching videos, reduce the time spent in meetings and increase the time on the field.
  • Boost Team Morale: Giving your staff a say in the game plan increases their investment in the team's success, positively impacting overall morale.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Whether you prefer video demonstrations or written strategies, INSTALL #3 caters to varying learning preferences.
  • Immediate Access to Proven Strategies: No need to start from scratch. Implement tested offensive strategies that have been crafted with expertise.


  • Who is Coach Bobby Acosta? Coach Acosta is a well-respected figure in football coaching circles, known for his offensive insight and successful strategies.
  • Can I access the playbook and videos offline? Yes, the playbook is downloadable for offline use, and videos can be saved for viewing without an internet connection.
  • Is this suitable for high school teams? Absolutely. INSTALL #3 is designed to benefit teams at various levels, including high school, ensuring your team can compete at its best.
  • How quickly can I see improvements in my team’s performance? While results can vary, teams often see improvements in their offensive game within a few weeks of implementing the strategies from INSTALL #3.