Inside Basketball Practice with Coach Scott Nagy Vol. 1


Inside Basketball Practice with Coach Scott Nagy Vol. 1

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Discover a Goldmine of Basketball Strategies

Introducing "Inside Basketball Practice with Coach Scott Nagy Vol. 1" – your unprecedented access to the high-caliber training sessions of Wright State University's Head Coach, Scott Nagy. This comprehensive video spans 88 minutes of in-depth drills, strategies, and insights, making it an indispensable tool for coaches and players aiming to elevate their game to Division I standards.

Why Choose This Video?

  • Variety of Drills: From full-court practices to motion offense drills, this video covers essential strategies to enhance both individual and team performance.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Coach Scott Nagy, who brings over two decades of experience at the collegiate level, transforming basketball programs and mentoring players to reach their peak.
  • Practical Insights: Each session is designed with applicability in mind, ensuring that you can integrate these practices into your training sessions immediately.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: With segments including the Charge Drill, Celtic, Shell Drill, and 5 on 5 Rebound, this video provides a holistic approach to basketball training.
  • For All Levels: Whether you're coaching a high school team, a college team, or just looking to improve your playing skills, these drills are adaptable and beneficial for all competition levels.

Meet Your Instructor

Scott Nagy has not only led Wright State University to new heights since his tenure began in April 2016 but also left a significant mark at South Dakota State University with a record of 410-240. His experience, passion, and record-holding college basketball career at Delta State University equip him with unique insights into basketball coaching and player development.


  • Is this video suitable for beginners?
    Yes, coaches and players of all levels can gain valuable insights and improve their skills with the drills and strategies covered.
  • How long is the video?
    The total runtime of the video is 88 minutes, packed with comprehensive practice sessions and coaching wisdom.
  • Can these drills be adapted for younger players?
    Absolutely. While the drills are designed for high intensity and competition, they can be scaled to suit younger players' learning and development needs.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your basketball practice with insider strategies from one of the most respected coaches in college basketball. Get your copy of "Inside Basketball Practice with Coach Scott Nagy Vol. 1" today!