How to teach your players to visualize the game using an opening Tape


How to teach your players to visualize the game using an opening Tape

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Why Visualization is Crucial for Athletes

  • Improves Decision Making: Players learn to anticipate game situations and make quicker, more effective decisions.
  • Enhances Focus: Visualization techniques help players focus on their roles and objectives, minimizing distractions.
  • Boosts Confidence: By mentally rehearsing successful outcomes, players gain confidence in their abilities.
  • Prepares for High-pressure Situations: Regular visualization prepares players mentally for high-stakes moments in the game.

Course Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Includes detailed chapters on creating impactful opening tapes, with practical exercises.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Coach Acosta, with 19 years of experience across high school, college, and NFL levels.
  • Real-world Applications: Use strategies that contributed to the development of top athletes, including Super Bowl-winning QB Joe Flacco.
  • Accessible Format: Engage with content easily through video lessons, power points, and call sheets tailored for coaches at all levels.

Meet Your Instructor: Coach Acosta

With a storied career that spans various coaching positions from high school to the NFL, Coach Acosta brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this course. His achievements include setting school records for passing yards and completions at TCNJ, contributing to the development of NFL talent like Joe Flacco, and crafting high-scoring offenses at every level of play.

Who Should Enroll?

This course is perfect for coaches at all levels who want to leverage the power of visualization to enhance their players' performance, from youth sports to professional teams. Whether you're looking to improve decision-making, focus, or confidence in your athletes, Coach Acosta's insights and strategies will provide valuable tools for success.


  • Is this course suitable for beginners? Yes, the course is designed to be accessible for coaches at all levels, including beginners.
  • How long is the course? The course consists of several chapters, including detailed video lessons that total approximately 25 minutes of direct instruction, plus additional resources and exercises.
  • Can these techniques be applied to sports other than football? Absolutely. While the examples are drawn from football, the principles of visualization and mental preparation are universal in sports.