How to Attack Switching, Ice, and Drop PNR Coverages


How to Attack Switching, Ice, and Drop PNR Coverages

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Unlock the Secrets to Overcoming Popular PNR Coverages

Are you looking to elevate your team's performance against the most common pick-and-roll (PNR) defenses? Coach Ryan Pannone brings his extensive experience from the international and NBA courts directly to you in "How to Attack Switching, Ice, and Drop PNR Coverages." This comprehensive video guide is packed with actionable strategies and techniques designed to break down the most popular PNR coverages effectively.

Why This Guide Stands Out

  • Expert Insights: Learn from Coach Pannone, with a proven track record from high school to the professional leagues.
  • Game Footage Analysis: Utilizes real game footage to illustrate successful strategies against various PNR coverages.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the Gortat Screen to 45 cuts, understand how to exploit weaknesses in the defense.
  • Practical Techniques: Includes specific plays and setups to run, maximizing your team's scoring opportunities.
  • Free Content: Access to several free segments within the course, offering a sneak peek into the valuable content provided.

What You'll Gain

By incorporating Coach Pannone's strategies into your playbook, you'll not only enhance your team's offensive capabilities but also instill confidence in your players to face any PNR defense with decisiveness and skill. Whether it's mastering the art of rejecting the screen or executing the perfect off-ball cut, this guide is your key to unlocking a higher level of basketball intelligence and on-court success.


Who is Coach Ryan Pannone?
Coach Ryan Pannone is a professional basketball coach with years of experience coaching teams and developing players at all levels, including the NBA. His career highlights include head coaching positions and assistant roles across various international and national teams.

Is this guide suitable for all coaching levels?
Yes, "How to Attack Switching, Ice, and Drop PNR Coverages" is designed for coaches at all levels who are looking to expand their strategic knowledge and give their teams a competitive edge.

How do I access the video guide?
After purchasing, you will receive a link to stream the video guide online at your convenience. Access it from anywhere, at any time, to start transforming your team's approach to PNR coverages.