House Call: Explosive Plays with the Punt Return Team


House Call: Explosive Plays with the Punt Return Team

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Transform Your Punt Return Strategy

  • Comprehensive Coaching Guide: Detailed insights into assembling and coaching a dynamic punt return unit, enhancing your team's field position and overall performance.
  • Three-Part Play Breakdown: In-depth analysis of each play phase - line of scrimmage, mid-play "battle," and finish - with key coaching points and strategies.
  • Practical Training Drills: Access to specific practice drills and real game clips to reinforce teaching points and strategies effectively.
  • Versatile Returner Strategies: Learn to use two deep returners to maximize field coverage and explore other effective return variations.
  • Editable Course Materials: Includes a PowerPoint presentation from the course, complete with editable diagrams and coaching points for customized strategy development.

Achieve Unparalleled Special Teams Success

  • Proven Track Record: Leverage Coach Merfeld’s extensive experience and success at Benedictine College, leading in punt blocks and return yards.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain from the strategies that led to Benedictine College's top rankings in blocked kicks, punt return yards, and defensive achievements.
  • Special Teams Excellence: Embark on a journey through Coach Merfeld’s 3-part series to master every aspect of the punt block-return team.

Who Can Benefit

Whether you're a coach focusing on offense, defense, or special teams, this course is designed to elevate your team's competitive edge and secure victory through strategic field position advantage.


  • Who is Coach Merfeld? Coach Andy Merfeld has vast coaching experience at various levels, including being the corners coach and special teams coordinator at Benedictine College. His achievements include leading in blocked punts and return yards across NAIA and NCAA schools.
  • What will I learn from this course? You'll learn to assemble a dynamic punt return team, understand key coaching points for each phase of the play, implement effective practice drills, and use strategic returner variations to dominate field position.
  • How can this course improve my team’s performance? By applying the strategies and insights shared by Coach Merfeld, you can significantly enhance your team's field position, capitalize on the "hidden yardage" battle, and increase your chances of scoring through explosive punt returns.