Horns Series Playbook


Horns Series Playbook

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Unlock the Full Potential of Horns Formation

Introducing the Horns Series Playbook, your ultimate guide to mastering one of basketball's most effective formations. With 40 pages of detailed actions, this playbook is designed to revolutionize how your team utilizes the Horns formation, ensuring you keep defenses on their toes. Whether it's ball screens, DHOs (Dribble Hand-Offs), flares, or more, this playbook covers it all, providing you with the tools to score at all levels of the game.

Why Choose the Horns Series Playbook?

  • Versatile Strategies: Different variations of the Horns formation to adapt to any game situation.
  • Expertly Crafted: Created by Zachary Weir, a seasoned coach with experience at all levels of basketball, from high school to professional.
  • Proven Success: Techniques and strategies proven to produce winning results, including multiple playoff appearances and 20-win seasons.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Focuses not just on plays, but on developing player skills and strength conditioning.
  • Gold-Certified Coaching Insights: Benefit from the knowledge of a USA Basketball Gold Certified Coach.

Meet the Author: Zachary Weir

Zachary Weir isn't just any coach. With 13 years of coaching under his belt, including significant stints as a head boys basketball coach and high school varsity assistant, Weir brings a wealth of experience to the table. His accolades include coaching teams to the playoffs, assisting in the development of all-state and all-district players, and contributions to well-recognized basketball camps and publications. A USA Basketball Gold Certified Coach, Weir's passion for the game and player development shines throughout the playbook.


  • Is the Horns Series Playbook suitable for all levels of basketball?
    Yes, this playbook is designed to be effective at all levels, from youth leagues to professional play.
  • How can this playbook help my team?
    It offers a diverse set of plays and strategies that can adapt to your team's strengths, improve player skills, and keep your opponents guessing.
  • What makes Zachary Weir qualified to write this playbook?
    With years of successful coaching experience, from developing young talent to strategizing wins at the high school level and beyond, Weir brings tested and proven methods to your team's playbook.

Don't let your team's potential go untapped. Embrace the revolution in basketball strategy and take your team's performance to the next level with the Horns Series Playbook. Order now to start transforming your game!