HoopClean Start-Up Kit for Basketball Backboards


HoopClean Start-Up Kit for Basketball Backboards

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**Presenting the HoopClean Start-Up Kit: Your Ultimate Solution for Pristine Backboards**

Elevate your game experience with the HoopClean Start-Up Kit, designed exclusively to complement your HoopClean Backboard Cleaner (available separately). This kit is your all-in-one solution for maintaining crystal-clear backboards and ensuring peak playing conditions on the court.

**What's Inside the HoopClean Start-Up Kit?**

1. **16oz. Squeegee Off Concentrated Glass Cleaner**: Say goodbye to stubborn stains and grime! Our potent glass cleaner is specifically formulated to leave your backboards spotless and shining.

2. **3gal. Super Compact Bucket with Lid**: Durability meets convenience in this 3-gallon bucket, complete with a lid. It's your perfect companion for mixing, storing, and transporting your cleaning concoction directly to the court.

3. **6ft Courtclean Towel**: Strategically designed, this 6-foot towel is placed beneath the basket to seamlessly absorb any water or spills during your cleaning routine, keeping the court dry and safe.

4. **16oz. Spray Bottle**: For an even and precise application of the Squeegee Off Glass Cleaner, this spray bottle is your go-to tool. It ensures thorough and efficient cleaning of your backboards.

**Effortless and Effective Cleaning with HoopClean**

Using the kit is a breeze. Just mix two tablespoons of our concentrated cleaner with one gallon of water in the 3-gallon bucket. Apply this mixture to the backboards with the spray bottle, and let the Courtclean Towel handle any drips.

The HoopClean Start-Up Kit is more than just a set of tools; it's a commitment to maintaining a professional, clean, and inviting basketball environment. With this kit, you're not just cleaning backboards; you're enhancing every player's experience on the court.

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