High Volume Double Action Hand Pump


High Volume Double Action Hand Pump

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  • Tired of spending ages inflating your pool floats, air mattress, or beach ball?

    Say goodbye to weak single-action pumps and hello to fast and easy inflation with the High Volume Double Action Hand Pump! This powerful pump is designed to make inflating a breeze, so you can spend less time pumping and more time enjoying the fun.

    Why Choose the High Volume Double Action Hand Pump?

    • Inflate Faster: Double action technology pumps air on both the up and down strokes, cutting inflation time in half compared to single-action pumps.
    • Effortless Inflation: The high-volume design moves more air with each stroke, making inflation easier, especially for larger inflatables.
    • Deflate for Easy Storage: Need to store your inflatable? Simply switch the pump to deflate mode to quickly remove air.
    • Added Versatility: The included valve adapter ensures compatibility with a wide range of inflatables, from pool toys to air mattresses.
    • Durable Construction: Built to last, this hand pump is made with high-quality materials to withstand repeated use.
    • Compact and Portable: The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to take anywhere you go.

    In Short:

    • Double action for faster inflation
    • High volume design for effortless pumping
    • Deflation mode for convenient storage
    • Valve adapter for added versatility
    • Durable construction for long life
    • Compact and portable for easy transport

    Still not convinced? Check out our FAQ below to learn more!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: What kind of inflatables can this pump handle?

      • A: This pump is ideal for a variety of inflatables, including pool floats, air mattresses, beach balls, inflatable boats, and more.
    • Q: Does the pump come with a pressure gauge?

      • A: No, this pump does not include a pressure gauge. However, many inflatables have a recommended inflation pressure printed on them.
    • Q: How easy is it to switch between inflation and deflation modes?

      • A: Switching between modes is very simple and can be done in seconds with a clearly marked switch on the pump.