Gym Pro Eco Roll Storage Rack


Gym Pro Eco Roll Storage Rack

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Optimize Your Gym Space with the GymPro Storage Rack

Discover Efficient Gym Floor Management

The GymPro Storage Rack is specifically engineered to enhance the management and storage of your gym floor covers. With its robust capacity and user-friendly design, this rack is an essential tool for gym owners and facility managers aiming to maintain a tidy and functional space.

Key Features and Benefits

Our GymPro Storage Rack not only simplifies the storage process but also brings a host of benefits and features that make it indispensable:

  • High Capacity Storage: Capable of holding up to 7,000 sq. ft. of GymPro EcoRoll, ensuring that even large gym spaces are easily catered for.
  • Efficient Dimensions: Measuring 90” x 32.75” x 62”, it uses space economically while providing substantial storage capacity.
  • Lightweight and Durable: With an empty weight of just 297 lbs and requiring only 12 bolts for assembly, it is both sturdy and easy to set up.
  • Mobility: Equipped with casters, the rack can be moved effortlessly to wherever it is needed, minimizing labor and saving time.
  • Straightening Bar: Includes a built-in straightening bar that ensures the gym floor covers are rolled up neatly, preventing uneven rolling and facilitating easy storage.

Perfect for Every Gym

The GymPro Storage Rack is designed to fit through standard 36" doorways, making it versatile for any gym layout. Its capacity to hold up to 6,000 square feet of gym floor covering per core—with each core holding 3,000 sqft—makes it perfect for both small and large facilities.

This rack is an investment in your facility's functionality and aesthetic, keeping your gym floor covers organized and ready for quick deployment. With the GymPro Storage Rack, you can ensure that your gym remains a state-of-the-art facility.

Contact Us Today!

Interested in making your gym maintenance effortless? Contact us to order the GymPro Storage Rack and transform your storage solutions. Don't forget to ask about our 3-year manufacturer warranty and take advantage of a product proudly made in the USA.

For a tidy, efficient, and professional gym setup, the GymPro Storage Rack is your go-to solution!