Gun T RPO - Playbook


Gun T RPO - Playbook

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team

  • Comprehensive Digital Playbook: Access in-depth strategies on the Gun T RPO offensive system exclusively on coachtube.
  • Formations Mastery: Master various formations with simple tags, enabling limitless strategic options.
  • Shifts and Motions: Easily implement motions and shifts to diversify your offensive strategies.
  • Adaptable Blocking Adjustments: Learn major blocking adjustments for each play, ensuring robust offensive maneuvers.
  • RPO Game Enhancement: Integrate RPOs seamlessly with each play for a dynamic offense.
  • Versatile Screen Game: Execute screens to any player on the field using straightforward terms.
  • Jet Motion Strategy: Employ jet motion for both running and passing games, maintaining the same blocking scheme for efficiency.
  • High Success Rate Heavy Package: Leverage a heavy package that has proven success in critical short-yardage situations.

Why Choose the Gun T RPO Playbook?

  • Proven Success: Developed from Coach Simpson’s successful track record, boosting teams to playoffs and winning titles.
  • 150 Pages of Expertise: Dive deep into the Gun T RPO System with detailed strategies and plays.
  • Positive Coach Feedback: Endorsed by football coaches nationwide for its clarity, effectiveness, and innovative approach.
  • Instantly Accessible: Available on coachtube for easy and immediate access.
  • Exclusive Content: Learn from a coach who has significantly turned around football programs and has a history of fundraising and facility enhancement.

What Coaches Are Saying

"An excellent offensive resource... clear and concise explanations." - Todd Knipp

"Absolutely amazing... A must-see for any coach." - Mike Kloes

"Makes me a believer! Highly recommended!" - Mike Turso


Can I download the playbook?

No, the playbook is designed to be accessed through coachtube. For a printable version, a separate order is required.

Is this playbook suitable for coaches at all levels?

Yes, whether you're a new coach or an experienced one, the Gun T RPO Playbook is designed to enhance your offensive strategies effectively.

How do I access the playbook after purchase?

Upon purchase, you will receive instructions to access the playbook on coachtube.