Gun Rocket Sweep: Mirrored with Gut


Gun Rocket Sweep: Mirrored with Gut

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Unlock the Power of a Dual-Threat Offense

  • Two-Plays-In-1 Design: Combines the fastest Gun run scheme with a trap-away scheme, putting linebackers in a bind and enhancing your offensive strategy.
  • FttF GUT Scheme: Introduces misdirection inside trap plays, further confusing the defense and maximizing the potential of each play.
  • Systematic Offense Integration: Easily integrates into any Gun run scheme including ZONE, PIN & PULL, GAP SCHEME, attacking the perimeter, creating edge conflict, and complementing your core run schemes.
  • Enhanced Passing Lanes: The sweep action forces defenses to adjust to the perimeter, thereby opening up valuable throwing lanes for the passing game.

Expert Coaching and Proven Success

  • Developed by a 3x State Champion Coach: Blair Hubbard, a Hall of Fame inducted coach with a career record of 214 wins and only 54 losses, brings over 20 years of successful coaching experience.
  • Nationally Recognized: Having spoken at over 30 national football clinics and worked with numerous high school and collegiate teams across the country.
  • Custom Installation Support: Blair Hubbard is available to travel and assist teams personally with the installation of this powerful offensive system.

What's Included in the System

  • Comprehensive play explanation and mechanics, including quarterback pitch mechanics and linemen blocking rules.
  • Detailed breakdowns of wide receiver, slot perimeter, and tailback blocking strategies.
  • Exclusive insights into the rocket film with coaching points, enabling a deep understanding of the plays.


  • Who can benefit from the Gun Rocket Sweep: Mirrored with Gut?
    High school and collegiate football teams looking to enhance their offensive strategy and confuse defenses effectively.
  • Is this system suitable for teams at any level?
    Yes, the Gun Rocket Sweep: Mirrored with Gut is designed to be adaptable and can be integrated into various offensive schemes at different levels of competition.
  • How can I get Blair Hubbard to assist with the installation of this system?
    Blair Hubbard is available for personalized coaching and installation assistance. Teams interested in leveraging his expertise can reach out for more details on scheduling and availability.