Gun Rocket Sweep Full Pull


Gun Rocket Sweep Full Pull

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Transform Your Team's Offensive Strategy

  • Fastest Gun Run Scheme: The Rocket Sweep Full Pull is the ultimate speed play, putting unprecedented pressure on edge defenders.
  • Systematic Offense Foundation: Serves as the cornerstone for a versatile and dynamic offensive strategy.
  • Enhances Existing Schemes: Seamlessly integrates with Zone, Pin & Pull, and Gap Scheme to exploit perimeter defenses and complement off-tackle and inside runs.
  • Creates Edge Conflict: Forces defenses to spread thinner, generating more opportunities for successful plays.
  • Opens Up Passing Lanes: By drawing the defense to the perimeter, it paves the way for a more effective passing game.

Learn from a Master Coach

  • Decades of Winning Experience: Crafted by a 3x State Champion and Hall of Fame coach with over 20 years of head coaching experience.
  • Nationally Recognized: A sought-after speaker at over 30 national football clinics, with a proven track record of upgrading teams' offenses nationwide.
  • Proven Success Record: A career record of 214 wins and multiple state championship appearances underlines the effectiveness of this offensive strategy.
  • Comprehensive Teaching: Includes detailed explanations on play calling, linemen blocking rules, perimeter blocking techniques, and quarterback pitch mechanics.

Why Choose Gun Rocket Sweep Full Pull?

  • Adaptable to Any Team: Whether you're coaching a high school or collegiate team, this scheme can revolutionize your offense.
  • Immediate Impact: See tangible results on the field with an offense that keeps the defense guessing and on their heels.
  • Expert Support: Gain access to personalized advice and support to implement this scheme effectively in your team's playbook.


  • Is this scheme suitable for beginner teams?
    Yes, it is designed to be adaptable and can be effectively implemented by teams at various skill levels.
  • Can this offensive strategy be used in leagues other than high school and college?
    While primarily designed for high school and collegiate teams, the principles can be adapted for use in other competitive leagues.
  • How long does it take to see results after implementing this scheme?
    Teams can begin to see improvements in their offensive performance within a single season of implementing the Gun Rocket Sweep Full Pull.