Gun Down Scheme blended with RPO


Gun Down Scheme blended with RPO

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Offense

Transform your football team's offensive strategy with the innovative Gun Down Scheme, meticulously refined and enhanced by incorporating a dynamic Run-Pass Option (RPO). Crafted by Blair Hubbard, a distinguished 3x State Champion and Hall of Fame coach, this playbook is designed to outmaneuver defenses and maximize your team's on-field performance.

  • Adaptability: Flexible enough to be executed by slots/wings, tailbacks, and quarterbacks for true 11 on 11 football.
  • Advanced Techniques: Features modifications for running out of the gun, ensuring playside solidity and effective backside guard pulling.
  • Enhanced Edge Play: Utilizes rocket sweep flow to soften the edge, simplifying the process of kicking out playside edge defenders.
  • Optimized Timing: The gun setup aligns perfectly with pulling the backside guard, improving the timing and efficacy of plays.
  • Integrated RPO Scheme: Puts opposing guards and reading linebackers in conflict, leveraging the dual-threat potential to keep defenses guessing.

Why Choose Blair Hubbard's Offensive System?

  • Proven Success: Hubbard's unique offensive system has led three different programs to state playoffs, boasting a career record of 214 wins.
  • Expertise: With over 20 years of head coaching experience and speaking engagements at over 30 national football clinics, Hubbard's insights and strategies are invaluable.
  • Customizable Implementation: Whether you're coaching a high school team or a collegiate squad, Hubbard's system can be tailored to fit your team's needs.
  • National Recognition: A 3x State Champion and multiple Coach of the Year awardee, Hubbard's methodologies are respected and sought after nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the Gun Down Scheme with RPO be adapted for any team size?

Yes, it's designed for versatility and can be effectively implemented in teams of any size and classification.

What makes this scheme different from traditional down schemes?

This innovative scheme enhances the traditional down system by integrating gun modifications and an RPO scheme to create a more dynamic and unpredictable offense.

Is prior experience with RPO necessary to implement this system?

No, the scheme is designed for both seasoned RPO users and teams new to the concept, with guidance available for seamless implementation.