Going 94 Feet


Going 94 Feet

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Attention Basketball Players and Coaches!

Are you striving to reach your peak performance on the basketball court? Whether you're a player looking to enhance your skills or a coach aiming to develop top-tier athletes, "Going 94 Feet" by Coach Phil Handy is your ultimate guide to success. With a career spanning from professional player to assistant coach for NBA champions, Phil Handy distills his extensive experience into actionable insights for player development, athleticism, and basketball IQ.

Why "Going 94 Feet" Is A Game-Changer

  • Comprehensive Training Content: Covering everything from footwork and dribbling to mental fitness and building basketball IQ.
  • Proven Techniques: Learn from the coach who has worked with the 2016 World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers and 2019 World Champion Toronto Raptors.
  • For All Levels: Whether you're a high school athlete or a professional player, these methods are designed to elevate your game.
  • Easy to Follow: Step-by-step videos and checklists make it simple to integrate these lessons into your daily routine.
  • Insider Tips: Gain insights into player development and training strategies that have been used with NBA stars like Steve Nash.

Desire for Excellence

Imagine improving your dribbling, enhancing your footwork, and increasing your basketball IQ under the guidance of one of the industry's best coaches. With "Going 94 Feet," you're not just practicing; you're transforming your approach to the game, setting a strong foundation for success at any level.

Action: Take the First Step Towards Mastery

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a coach who has walked the path from playing at the University of Hawaii Manoa to coaching NBA champions. "Going 94 Feet" is not just a training program; it's your roadmap to becoming a stronger, more intelligent player or coach. Order now and start your journey to basketball excellence!


Who is "Going 94 Feet" suitable for?
Players and coaches at any level looking to improve their basketball skills and understanding of the game.

What makes Phil Handy's approach unique?
Phil combines his experience as a professional player and NBA coach to offer insights and techniques that have been proven at the highest levels of basketball.

How soon can I see improvements in my game?
With consistent practice and application of the techniques and principles in "Going 94 Feet," you can start to see improvements in your game within a few weeks.