Getting Your Playmakers The Ball


Getting Your Playmakers The Ball

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Transform Your Offensive Strategy

Revolutionize your football team's offensive game with strategies from Coach Kevin Creasy, a celebrated coach with a proven track record of success. "Getting Your Playmakers The Ball" is your guide to maximizing your offensive potential by ensuring the ball is consistently in the hands of your best players.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-Scoring Offense: Learn how to average 45 points per game with strategies that have consistently delivered 5,500 yards of total offense per season.
  • Dynamic Player Utilization: Discover how to adapt players to various positions to overcome challenges, including injuries, ensuring your playmakers always have the ball.
  • Versatile Offensive Ideologies: Benefit from a blend of Wing-T, the Spread, and Multiple I formations to keep the defense guessing and your offense moving forward.
  • Proven Success: Draw on the experience of a coach with an 85-6 record at Oakland High School, including five state titles and an unbeaten district or region play record over four seasons.
  • Comprehensive Video Content: Gain access to detailed game film analysis across various plays, offering insights into successful offensive maneuvers.

Why Choose This Course?

With "Getting Your Playmakers The Ball," you're not just learning to play; you're mastering the art of offensive football. Whether you're looking to improve your team's performance, understand high-level offensive strategies, or simply gain insights from one of football's most successful coaches, this course offers invaluable knowledge and techniques that can be applied at any level of football.


Who is Coach Kevin Creasy?

Coach Kevin Creasy is a renowned football coach with multiple state titles to his name. He has achieved remarkable success at both Oakland High School and Trousdale County, known for his innovative offensive strategies.

Is this course suitable for coaches at all levels?

Absolutely. Whether you're coaching a youth team, high school team, or beyond, the strategies and insights provided by Coach Creasy are adaptable and applicable to all levels of play.

What will I learn from the game film analysis?

The game film analysis segments provide detailed breakdowns of specific plays and strategies. You'll learn how to effectively execute plays like the Buck Sweep, QB Buck RPO, and many more, ensuring you can get the ball to your playmakers in any situation.