Functionally Fast Offense


Functionally Fast Offense

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Discover the Secrets to a Lightning-Fast Offense

Imagine your basketball team outpacing and outsmarting every opponent. With "Functionally Fast Offense," legendary Coach Mike Neighbors is here to show you how. Drawing from his experience leading Arkansas to breathtaking speeds and efficiency, this program is your blueprint to revolutionizing your team's performance. In 2020, his techniques led to a staggering 2,472 possessions, with 57% ending in shots or turnovers within the first 9 seconds, all while maintaining a low turnover rate of 12.8%.

Why Choose "Functionally Fast Offense"?

  • Proven Success: Learn from the architect behind one of the fastest teams in college basketball.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Understand how to evaluate your team's current pace and efficiency through possession and turnover rates.
  • Dynamic Offensive Strategies: Detailed breakdowns of transition/early offense situations to teach your players how to effectively read and react.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to Coach Neighbor's invaluable teaching points for maintaining speed without sacrificing control.
  • Free Resources: Benefit from free additional content including Competitive Team Drills PDF and the Green Light Shooting Package.

What's Inside the Program?

From the fundamentals of "Functionally Fast" to advanced strategies, this program covers everything you need to turbocharge your offense. You'll get access to Coach Neighbors' analysis on possession breakdowns, early offense/transition, critical analytics, and much more. This comprehensive guide is packed with video tutorials, position breakdowns, and real-game tape analysis, ensuring your team can execute with precision and speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this program for? Coaches at any level looking to improve their team's offensive speed and efficiency.
  • Do I need any previous coaching experience? While previous coaching experience is beneficial, Coach Neighbors' teachings are designed to be accessible to all coaching levels.
  • How will I access the program materials? Upon purchase, you will receive instant access to all digital content, including videos, PDFs, and bonus materials.
  • Is there support available if I have questions? Absolutely! Customer support is available to assist with any program-related questions.

Don't let this opportunity to elevate your team's performance pass you by. With "Functionally Fast Offense," you're not just playing fast; you're playing smart. Transform your team's offense today!