Force Baseline - A Pressure Defense System


Force Baseline - A Pressure Defense System

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Unlock the Secrets to a Winning Defense

Introducing Force Baseline Defensive System, a game-changing approach to basketball defense crafted by Coach Matt Dennis. This comprehensive system is designed to empower your team to control the game by dictating the offense's moves. Through our system, we'll teach you how to compress the play area, guide the ball handler towards the baseline, and execute flawless help-side rotations. The result? Forced turnovers, rushed shots, and a flustered opposing offense from the get-go.

Why Choose Force Baseline?

  • Expert Insights: Developed by Coach Matt Dennis, leveraging his successful high school coaching strategies.
  • Comprehensive Material: Includes both video (1:04:50) and PDF formats (33 pages) for varied learning experiences.
  • Position Breakdowns: Detailed guides on how to guard various offensive sets and conduct help-side rotations.
  • Essential Drills: Get access to the drills you need to instill high-pressure defense tactics in your team.
  • Proven Success: Apply strategies that led the Bulldogs to consecutive conference championships and top ten state rankings.


Who is Coach Matt Dennis?
Coach Matt Dennis is a distinguished high school basketball coach from Otsego, Michigan, with a history of transforming underperforming teams into championship winners.

What format is the Force Baseline system available in?
The system is available in both video and PDF formats, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Is this system suitable for all levels of basketball teams?
Yes, the Force Baseline Defensive System is adaptable and can be applied at various levels of basketball, from youth leagues to high school teams.

How can I access the Force Baseline Defensive System?
Visit to gain access to the Force Baseline Defensive System and explore additional coaching resources.

Don't let another game slip through your fingers. Take control, make the offense play on your terms, and lead your team to victory. The Force Baseline Defensive System isn't just a strategy; it's your next step towards becoming a defensive powerhouse. Unlock the potential of your team today!