Feed the Cats: Building a Culture of High Performance


Feed the Cats: Building a Culture of High Performance

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Why Choose "Feed the Cats"?

  • Revolutionary Training Approach: Embraces specificity, essentialism, performance, and love, steering clear of traditional, exhaustive methods.
  • Proven Success: Spearheaded by Coach Dixon's remarkable 39-7 record over three seasons, showcasing the effectiveness of the FTC methodology.
  • Extensive Content: Nearly four hours of detailed teaching across various modules, providing comprehensive insights into the program.
  • Specialized Courses: From the fundamentals of speed workouts to advanced techniques in block starts, each course is meticulously crafted for maximum impact.
  • Community and Support: Join a growing worldwide community of coaches and athletes adopting the FTC approach, with ongoing support from creators Tony Holler and Brad Dixon.

Benefits of "Feed the Cats" Program

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Prioritizes speed and efficiency, leading to noticeable improvements on the field.
  • Optimal Training Efficiency: Focuses on the "Minimum Effective Dose" of training, ensuring athletes are not overworked but perfectly primed for peak performance.
  • Higher Engagement: The program’s emphasis on fun competitions and football-specific drills keeps athletes motivated and passionate about their sport.
  • Comprehensive Coaching Tools: Equips coaches with detailed practice plans, game night strategies, and offseason workouts designed to build a high-performance team culture.
  • Life Beyond Sports: Encourages a balanced approach to coaching, emphasizing the importance of family and life outside of football.

What Sets "Feed the Cats" Apart?

This isn't just another training program. It's a movement that challenges conventional coaching wisdom with a proven formula for success. By prioritizing speed, embracing minimalism in training, and fostering a culture of respect and love, "Feed the Cats" is transforming athletes and teams into high-performance powerhouses.


Who is this program for?

Coaches and athletes of American football looking to improve performance through innovative training methods.

Do I need previous experience with FTC programs?

No, beginners and seasoned FTC enthusiasts can both find value in this comprehensive course.

How can I access the course material?

Upon registration, you will receive access to all course materials, which can be viewed at your own pace.

Is this program suitable for high school teams?

Yes, the program is designed to be adaptable for teams at various levels, including high school.