Favorite Actions From Around The World


Favorite Actions From Around The World

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Attention Basketball Coaches and Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to elevate your game with strategies from across the globe? "Favorite Actions From Around The World" is here to revolutionize the way you approach basketball strategy. Created by renowned coach Lason Perkins and in collaboration with the illustrious @the_BasketHead, this DVD compilation is your ticket to mastering the most effective plays, actions, and sets from around the world.

Why This Collection Is A Game-Changer

  • Extensive Variety: Features over 30 plays, including the Valencia Zipper Step Up, Delteco Zipper Fist, and exclusive Grenade Actions.
  • Global Insights: Gathers unique strategies from international teams and the NBA, offering you a comprehensive view of global basketball tactics.
  • Free Bonus Content: Includes several free plays such as the "Warriors Grenade Action" and "Barcelona Side PNR," giving you premium content at no additional cost.
  • Expert Collaboration: Developed in collaboration with top coaches and basketball strategists, ensuring high-quality and effective plays.
  • Easy to Understand: Each play is broken down with precise timings, making it easy to learn and implement in your game strategy.

Transform Your Game Today

Imagine having the best plays from teams like Barcelona, NY Liberty, and the Australian national team right at your fingertips. "Favorite Actions From Around The World" is more than just a DVD; it's a comprehensive guide to becoming a more versatile and knowledgeable coach or player. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your team with strategies that have proven successful on courts around the world.


Is this DVD suitable for all coaching levels?

Yes! Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned coach, this collection offers valuable insights for everyone.

How can I apply these plays to my team?

Each play is detailed with timing and execution tips, making it easy to adapt and implement them with your team during practice sessions.

Are there any additional costs for the free plays mentioned?

No, the free plays mentioned are part of the DVD at no extra cost, providing great value within the same package.

Can this DVD help improve individual player skills?

While the focus is on team plays and strategies, individual players can greatly benefit from understanding these plays, enhancing their game intelligence and positioning.

Don't wait to transform your game with the strategies that have shaped the success of teams around the world. Order your copy of "Favorite Actions From Around The World" today!