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Everyday Drills

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Capture Attention: A Game-Changing Resource for Coaches

Imagine your basketball team's performance reaching new heights, game after game, season after season. It's within reach with Everyday Drills, your ultimate guide to foundational drills that transform good teams into great ones. Crafted by the experienced Coach Vann, this book is the secret weapon for developing the toughness and precision your program needs to excel.

Generate Interest: Why Everyday Drills?

Every practice session counts. What your team does daily shapes its identity and determines its success on game night. Everyday Drills isn't just a book; it's a comprehensive toolkit designed to build your team's core strengths through consistent, focused practice. With drills tested and proven in some of the most successful basketball programs, this resource is indispensable for coaches at all levels.

Create Desire: Key Features and Benefits

  • 194 Pages of in-depth guidance and expert advice.
  • 52 Everyday Drills to build a resilient and adaptable team.
  • 62 Practice Warm-Up Drills to ensure your team is always game-ready.
  • 19 Pre-Game Warm-Up Drills to maximize performance on game night.
  • Curated by a veteran coach with over 20 years of experience at high school, collegiate, and AAU levels.
  • Designed to benefit both the top 1% of coaches and newcomers eager to learn.
  • More than just drills – get plays, counters, entries, and false motions to enhance your playbook.

Invest in Everyday Drills and lay the foundation for your program's enduring success. This book is more than a collection of drills; it's a philosophy, a way to instill the toughness and resilience your team needs to dominate the court.

Take Action: Elevate Your Coaching Today

Don't let another practice go by without the powerful strategies and drills found in Everyday Drills. Visit www.nextplayhoops.com to secure your copy and start transforming your basketball program's daily routine into a blueprint for victory. Your journey to coaching excellence and unrivaled team performance begins now.


Who is this book for?
Coaches at all levels who are serious about improving their team's performance through consistent, high-quality practice.

Can these drills be adapted to different skill levels?
Absolutely. The drills are designed to be flexible and can be adjusted to suit the skill level of your team.

How soon can I see results from implementing these drills?
While immediate improvement is possible, the real gains come from the consistency and dedication to the drills over time. Your team's progress will be evident as the season progresses.

Is there support available if I have questions about specific drills?
Yes, for any inquiries or further clarification on drills and strategies, feel free to visit our website and contact us directly.