Evaluating Your Program`s Culture | Bob Richey, Furman University


Evaluating Your Program`s Culture | Bob Richey, Furman University

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Unlock the Secrets to a Winning Culture

Are you ready to delve deeper into what makes a sports program not just good, but great? It's not all about the strategies or the scores; it's about the heart and soul of your team - the culture. Coach Bob Richey of the Furman Paladins is here to guide you through "Evaluating Your Program's Culture," a comprehensive clinic session that goes beyond the Xs & Os. This is your chance to redefine success and create an environment where champions are made.

Why This Clinic Session is a Game-Changer

  • Proven Strategies: Learn from a coach with a .737 winning percentage and a history of transforming teams.
  • Building a Brand: Understand the difference between branding and culture, and why focusing on the latter wins games.
  • Attracting Talent: Discover how to develop a program that doesn't just attract good players, but great people.
  • Comprehensive Development: Embrace a holistic approach that builds individuals, not just basketball players.
  • Integrating Strategy and Culture: Find out how to make your team's strategy and culture work in harmony for unprecedented success.

What Makes a Winning Culture?

In this session, recorded at the 2021 Bob Jones University Bruins Coaching Clinic, Coach Richey shares his insights and proven methods for evaluating and enhancing team culture. Whether you're a seasoned coach or new to the game, these lessons will inspire you to think differently about leadership, teamwork, and success.


Who is this session for?

This clinic session is ideal for basketball coaches at any level who want to improve their team's culture, leadership, and overall performance.

How long is the session?

The session runs for 54 minutes and 20 seconds, packed with invaluable insights and actionable advice.

Is this only for basketball coaches?

While the session is led by a basketball coach and includes basketball examples, the principles discussed are applicable across various sports and team settings.

How can I access this clinic session?

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to stream the session online at your convenience. Access it anytime, anywhere to start transforming your team's culture today.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Invest in your team's future by enhancing your program's culture with Coach Bob Richey. Take the first step towards creating a legacy of success. Buy now and be the change your team needs!