Effective Player Feedback | Brian McCormick


Effective Player Feedback | Brian McCormick

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Discover the Power of Precise Feedback

From the mind of Dr. Brian McCormick, renowned for his expertise in youth coaching and player development, comes a transformative clinic session aimed at revolutionizing how coaches interact with their players. Delve into the nuanced world of "Effective Player Feedback" and emerge with strategies that are guaranteed to foster growth, confidence, and intrinsic motivation in young athletes. McCormick's approach, honed through years of international coaching and a prolific career in sports science, is distilled into this comprehensive session. It's more than just a clinic; it's your pathway to becoming a more impactful coach.

Why This Clinic Is A Must-Have

  • Expert Insight: Learn from Brian McCormick, a seasoned head coach with a doctorate in Exercise and Sports Science and a track record of developing top talent.
  • Specific vs. General Feedback: Master the art of delivering feedback that resonates, fostering an environment where players are eager to improve.
  • Building Player Confidence: Strategies to boost your players’ self-belief, crucial for their performance on and off the court.
  • Intrinsic Motivation: Shift your players' drive from external validation to internal satisfaction, cultivating a love for the game that lasts.
  • Hands-on Examples: McCormick shares real-life feedback examples, offering a practical guide to reshaping your coaching methods.


Who should attend this clinic?

Coaches at all levels who are looking to improve their communication skills, foster better relationships with their players, and elevate their coaching techniques will find this session invaluable.

What will I learn from this clinic?

You will learn how to provide effective feedback that motivates players, the importance of specific versus general feedback, techniques for building confidence, and strategies for encouraging intrinsic motivation.

How can this clinic change my coaching approach?

By applying the strategies and insights provided by Brian McCormick, you can expect to see a significant transformation in how your players respond to feedback, their motivation levels, and overall performance.