Effective Offensive Implementation: Installing A System with Limited Time


Effective Offensive Implementation: Installing A System with Limited Time

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Discover How to Revolutionize Your Team's Playbook

Introducing "Effective Offensive Implementation: How to Install A System with Limited Time" by Coach Will Voigt, a comprehensive guide designed for coaches at every level who are looking to make significant improvements to their team's offensive plays with a streamlined, effective approach. Drawing from an illustrious career across the NBA, G-League, FIBA, and beyond, Coach Voigt reveals his strategies for adapting and winning by modifying plays for any game situation.

Why This Book Is A Game Changer

  • Adaptable Plays: Learn to take a single play and adapt it for half court, baseline, and sideline out of bounds situations, ensuring your team is always prepared.
  • Effective Drills: From choosing your drills to building an offense with shooting drills, find out how to most effectively use your practice time.
  • Maximize Player Potential: Insights into studying your players to make the most of their strengths and skills in your offensive system.
  • Strategic Play Building: Discover the secrets behind drag action, follow action, corner action, and more to keep your opponents guessing.
  • Competitive Edge: Implement 5v5 competitive settings in your training to simulate real-game intensity and improve team dynamics.

How Can You Benefit?

Whether you're coaching at the pro level or looking to make an impact in local leagues, Coach Voigt's insights can help you significantly reduce the learning curve for installing a new offensive system. With detailed breakdowns of common actions, zone plays, and specific set pieces, you're getting a blueprint for success that's been proven on the world stage.


Who is this book for?
Coaches at any level who want to enhance their team's offensive capabilities quickly and effectively.

What makes Coach Voigt's approach unique?
His global coaching experience and success in rapidly adapting teams to compete at high levels are distilled into practical strategies you can apply immediately.

How quickly can I see results from implementing these strategies?
While results can vary, many coaches have reported seeing significant improvements in their team's performance within a few weeks of applying these methods.

Is this book suitable for coaches outside of basketball?
While the book is focused on basketball, the principles of effective offensive implementation can be adapted to a variety of team sports.