Easy Drills to Improve Your Punt Team


Easy Drills to Improve Your Punt Team

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Why Your Punt Team is Crucial for Winning Games

  • Importance of Field Position: Mastering the art of punting can significantly impact the field position, giving your team a strategic advantage.
  • Film Analysis and Practice Habits: Utilize professional insights on punters, long snappers, and other key roles to refine your team's skills.
  • Specialist Practice Schedules: Tailor-made practice schedules designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your special teams.
  • Drills and Techniques: Engage in specific drills that target the development of your team’s specialists, ensuring every player reaches their peak performance.

Features That Set This Program Apart

  • NFL Examples: Learn from the pros with detailed breakdowns of NFL teams' special teams efforts and strategies.
  • Comprehensive Film Studies: Deep dive into film studies for each specialist position, offering insights and techniques that are game-changers.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: From the basics of field position to advanced protection drills, get tailored advice for every aspect of the punt game.
  • Exclusive Access to Expertise: Benefit from Coach Mike Famiglietti’s vast experience across collegiate and high school football programs.

Benefits of Implementing These Drills

  • Maximized Field Position: Gain the upper hand in games through superior field position management.
  • Enhanced Team Performance: Elevate the overall performance of your punt team with specialized training and expert insights.
  • Reduced Mistakes: Minimize errors during games with focused practice on base blocking, protection drills, and hang time improvement.
  • Player Development: Foster the growth of your players' skills and understanding of the game, transforming them into more competent specialists.


  • Who is this program for? It's designed for football coaches at all levels who want to improve their punt team’s performance and strategic advantage.
  • What experience does Coach Mike Famiglietti bring? Coach Famiglietti has extensive experience coaching at university and high school levels, with a focus on special teams and offensive strategies.
  • How will this program change my team’s performance? By implementing the drills and strategies taught in this program, you can expect significant improvements in field position, player skill level, and game-day execution.