Earning A Scholarship: Creating A 5 Star Highlight Film


Earning A Scholarship: Creating A 5 Star Highlight Film

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Why Your Highlight Film Matters

With over $3.6 billion in athletic scholarship money awarded each year and less than 2% of high school athletes securing scholarships, standing out is critical. Your highlight film is your first impression to college coaches—a stellar film opens doors, while a subpar one closes them. In "Earning A Scholarship: Creating A 5 Star Highlight Film," you'll discover how to craft a film that keeps coaches engaged and eager to see more.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Coach James Vint, a respected figure with over 20 years of recruiting experience. Gain insights that only an insider could provide.
  • Position-Specific Tips: Receive tailored advice for each position on the field, ensuring your highlight film showcases your skills in the best possible light.
  • Engaging Content: With lessons like "Tips For Creating A Highlight Film Coaches Will Actually Watch" and "Choosing Clips and Building A 5-Star Highlight Film," your film will stand out from the rest.
  • Increased Scholarship Opportunities: A compelling highlight film can be the difference between being overlooked and earning a scholarship. This course offers the knowledge you need to tip the scales in your favor.
  • Special Teams Coverage: Don't miss out on showcasing your versatility. Learn what clips to include in your special teams film to catch coaches' eyes.

Transform Your Future

Don't let your talent go unnoticed. "Earning A Scholarship: Creating A 5 Star Highlight Film" is more than a course—it's your pathway to being seen, evaluated, and ultimately, recruited. Whether you're a player looking to get noticed or a parent supporting your athlete, this course offers invaluable advice to increase your or your child's visibility and scholarship opportunities.


  • Who is this course for? High school athletes, parents, and coaches looking to increase scholarship opportunities through standout highlight films.
  • What will I learn? You'll learn how to select the right clips, showcase your skills based on your position, and create a highlight film that keeps college coaches watching.
  • How is this course different? This course draws on Coach Vint's extensive experience and success in recruiting, offering practical, position-specific advice not found elsewhere.
  • Is this course suitable for all sports? While the focus is on football, the principles of creating a compelling highlight film apply across various sports.