Dying on Quick Game Hill: Creating Explosive Exit Strategies


Dying on Quick Game Hill: Creating Explosive Exit Strategies

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Quarterback

Are you tired of your offense stalling because your quick game plan fails? "Dying on Quick Game Hill: Creating Explosive Exit Strategies" is the solution you've been waiting for. Designed by a seasoned coach with a rich history of transforming offenses into high-scoring machines, this clinic offers innovative strategies to revolutionize your quick game.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Quick Game Overhaul: Learn how to adapt your quick game to incorporate dynamic exit strategies, ensuring your quarterback always has a viable play.
  • Explosive P.R.O. (Pass Run Option) Tactics: Master the art of using your quarterback's legs to create explosive opportunities when passing options fail.
  • Free Access to Groundbreaking Strategies: Gain free access to Quick Game 2.0, P.R.O. QB Counter with Quick Game & Swing Screen, and more to enhance your offensive playbook.
  • Exclusive Content from a Proven Winner: Benefit from the insights of a coach who has led teams to the pinnacle of high school football, including Ada High School, OK – the winningest program in OK with 19 state titles.
  • Easy-to-Implement Diagrams and Rules: Get clear, concise diagrams and rules for Bullet Motion w/ QB Counter and other innovative plays to easily integrate into your strategy.
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials: Watch detailed video tutorials, including voice-overs, to fully understand and implement the strategies in real-game scenarios.

Why Choose This Clinic?

With firsthand experience from someone who has repeatedly turned underperforming offenses into record-breaking teams, this clinic is not just theory—it's a proven playbook for success. Whether you're an Offensive Coordinator, a Head Varsity Football Coach, or a Special Teams Coordinator, "Dying on Quick Game Hill: Creating Explosive Exit Strategies" offers the tools you need to elevate your offensive game.


Who can benefit from this clinic?

Football coaches at all levels looking to enhance their offensive strategy, especially those focusing on quick game and quarterback utilization.

Is this clinic suitable for teams with a running quarterback?

Yes, it's specifically designed to leverage the unique abilities of running quarterbacks, providing them with dynamic options when traditional plays fail.

How will this clinic change my approach to the quick game?

It will provide you with a comprehensive strategy for creating viable exit options, turning potential dead plays into opportunities for explosive gains.

Are there practical examples included in the clinic?

Yes, the clinic includes diagrams, rules, and video tutorials for implementing the strategies in your playbook effectively.