Duo and Slice from Gun Double Wing


Duo and Slice from Gun Double Wing

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Why Duo and Slice from Gun Double Wing Is a Game Changer

  • Innovative Play Adaptation: Arizona State Champion Rishard Davis reveals how he successfully integrated Duo and Slice plays into the traditional double wing scheme, offering fresh strategic options.
  • Proven Success: Under Davis's leadership, his team clinched their first state championship in 30 years, demonstrating the effectiveness of these plays.
  • Comprehensive Breakdown: Includes detailed game film analysis for various scenarios, ensuring you understand how to implement these plays against any defense.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from a coach who not only changed the fate of his team from a 6-34 record over four years to state champions but was also recognized as The Arizona Republic's Football Coach of the Year.
  • Easy Integration: These plays can be seamlessly adapted into existing double wing schemes, making them accessible for teams at all levels.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to content not available anywhere else, including direct snap wildcat and strategies against hard scrapers.

Benefits of Implementing Duo and Slice into Your Playbook

  • Increased Offensive Options: Expand your offensive playbook with plays that have been tested and proven at the state championship level.
  • Strategic Advantage: Gain an edge over your opponents with unique plays that are difficult to predict and counter.
  • Enhanced Team Performance: Witness significant improvements in your team's performance by implementing these innovative strategies.
  • Legacy of Success: Follow in the footsteps of a championship-winning coach and inspire your team to new heights.
  • Community Pride: Revitalize your football program and instill a sense of pride and achievement within your team and community.


Who is Rishard Davis?

Rishard Davis is an acclaimed football coach who led his team to their first state championship in 30 years, earning the title of The Arizona Republic's Football Coach of the Year.

Can these plays be integrated into any double wing scheme?

Yes, the Duo and Slice plays are designed to be adaptable and can be seamlessly integrated into existing double wing schemes.

Are these strategies suitable for teams at all levels?

Absolutely. These plays and strategies are accessible and beneficial for football teams at various levels seeking to enhance their offensive playbook.