Duncanville Strength & Conditioning - Reginald Samples, Duncanville HS


Duncanville Strength & Conditioning - Reginald Samples, Duncanville HS

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Discover the secrets behind building a winning sports team with the Duncanville Strength & Conditioning program, led by the acclaimed Duncanville High School Head Football Coach, Reginald Samples. With a career that spans over three decades, Coach Samples has developed a blueprint for success that has consistently produced championship-caliber teams.

Key Features of the Program

  • Comprehensive Video Guide (52:24): Dive deep into the methodologies and philosophies that have shaped one of the most successful high school football programs in recent history.
  • Exclusive Presentation Slides: Gain access to the visual aids used by Coach Samples during his in-depth presentation, allowing for a clearer understanding and application of his techniques.
  • Preview Session (3:47): Get a free sneak peek into the program, offering valuable insights on how to make the most of your training time.

Benefits of the Duncanville Strength & Conditioning Program

  • Proven Success Record: Learn from a coach with a career record of 63 wins and 16 losses at Duncanville ISD, including two state championship bids.
  • Decades of Experience: Coach Samples brings over 33 years of coaching expertise, including recognition as the ALL-USA Football Coach of the Year by USA Today in 2019.
  • Winning Culture: Adopt strategies that have consistently produced teams with a winning mindset, capable of achieving district titles and playoff victories.

Why Choose Coach Reginald Samples' Program?

This program isn't just a training guide; it's a comprehensive approach to team building, strength conditioning, and leadership. Whether you're a coach looking to revamp your team's dynamics or a player aiming to enhance your physical and mental toughness, this program offers invaluable lessons drawn from the trenches of high school football's elite competitions. With Coach Samples' guidance, transform your team's ethos, discipline, and physical readiness to compete at the highest levels.


  • Is this program suitable for all coaching levels? Yes, whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, this program provides insights and strategies that can be adapted to any level.
  • How can I access the program? Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with links to the video guide, presentation slides, and the preview session.
  • Can this program be applied to sports other than football? While focused on football, the principles of strength, conditioning, and team culture are universal and can benefit teams across a variety of sports.