Dumcoach Clinic - 2017


Dumcoach Clinic - 2017

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Why Choose Dumcoach Clinic - 2017?

  • Exclusive Partnership: Hosted in collaboration with Dumcoach.com, ensuring top-notch content and presentations.
  • Expert Panel of Coaches: Learn from some of the best youth football coaches in the country, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Comprehensive Topics: Covering everything from "Installing Tempo at all Levels" to "Non-Contact Drills for the Offseason," ensuring a well-rounded coaching education.
  • Varied Learning Formats: With video presentations and PDF materials, cater to different learning styles and preferences.
  • Extensive Playbook Discussions: Dive deep into various offensive and defensive systems such as the Wing T, 46 Defense, Air Raid, and more.
  • Community Support: Gain access to the Dumcoach.com forum for ongoing advice, sharing, and community support.

Benefits of Attending the Dumcoach Clinic

  • Elevate Your Coaching Skills: Direct insights from leading coaches to improve your game strategy, practice management, and player development.
  • Comprehensive Learning Experience: From theoretical knowledge to practical drills, get everything you need to advance your team's performance.
  • Build a Winning Team Culture: Learn how to manage parents effectively and foster a positive, winning culture within your team.
  • Stay Ahead of the Game: With the latest coaching strategies and trends, ensure your coaching methods remain cutting-edge.
  • Join a Community of Coaches: Being part of a clinic representing coaches from across the country opens doors to networking and shared learning experiences.


  • Who should attend the Dumcoach Clinic - 2017?
    Youth football coaches at any level looking to enhance their coaching skills and knowledge.
  • What formats are included in the clinic materials?
    The clinic provides video presentations along with PDF materials for a comprehensive learning experience.
  • How can I access the Dumcoach.com forum?
    Access details are provided upon registration for the Dumcoach Clinic - 2017, allowing immediate entry into the community.