Drills To Maximize Game Shots


Drills To Maximize Game Shots

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Attention All Coaches and Players!

Do you ever wonder why the excellent shooting skills developed in practice don't always translate into game situations? The difference-maker is here! UCONN Assistant Coach Kimani Young reveals the key to bridging the gap between practice and game performance through "Drills to Maximize Game Shots". Discover the drills that will empower your players to shoot accurately under pressure, while tired, and in precise in-game scenarios.

Why "Drills to Maximize Game Shots" Is a Game Changer

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Kimani Young, a seasoned assistant coach with experience under legendary coaches and a track record at UCONN.
  • Comprehensive Content: Includes an introduction, detailed breakdowns of specific drills like Drive and Kick Shooting, Full Court Shooting, and Cardio Threes, along with a valuable Q/A session.
  • Real Game Situations: Drills designed to mimic actual game scenarios, ensuring skills are transferable under game pressure.
  • Performance Under Pressure: Techniques that focus on maintaining shooting accuracy when fatigued or faced with tight defense.
  • Instant Access: Streamlined content for quick and easy implementation into your training regimen.

Transform Your Team's Performance Now!

With "Drills to Maximize Game Shots", you're not just practicing; you're evolving your game strategy to produce shooters who excel under any condition. Coach Young's insights are distilled from years of experience and success at the highest levels of college basketball. This is your chance to leverage his expertise and unlock your team's full potential.


  • Who is this for? This program is perfect for basketball coaches and players at all levels who are looking to improve shooting performance in actual game situations.
  • How can I access the content? Upon purchase, you will receive instant access to all the video content, which you can stream at your convenience.
  • Is this suitable for beginners? Absolutely! The drills are designed to help shooters at any level of expertise to improve their game-time shooting ability.
  • What makes Coach Kimani Young's drills different? These drills are the culmination of Coach Young's extensive experience across various high-level basketball programs, focused specifically on translating practice skills to game day success.

Don't let another game slip away due to missed shots under pressure. Order "Drills to Maximize Game Shots" now and start turning those near misses into game-winning shots!