Defending the Modern Offense with Universal Run Fits


Defending the Modern Offense with Universal Run Fits

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Universal Run Fit System: Seamlessly integrate into both three and four-man front structures, enabling flexibility and adaptability against any offense.
  • Comprehensive Course Content: Detailed breakdowns of defensive philosophies, rush techniques, and player identification for defending RPOs, ensuring a well-rounded defensive strategy.
  • Proven Success: Part of a defense strategy at Dickinson State University that has led to an average of 16.6 points per game, 306 total yards per game, and a 31% win percentage on 3rd down over the last four years.
  • Expert Coaching: Learn from Coach Thier, the NSAA Conference Assistant Coach-of-the-Year, with 13 seasons of college football coaching experience, including ten as Defensive Coordinator.
  • Flexibility in Defense: Our system allows for adaptations without slowing players down, ensuring your team can effectively counter any offensive strategy.
  • Enhanced Player Performance: Focused on increasing takeaways and reducing yardage, directly contributing to a more successful defensive record.

What You Will Learn:

  • Defensive philosophy and three crucial rush techniques to disrupt the offense.
  • Identifying and utilizing players effectively in defending against RPOs.
  • Implementing universal fit system rules and adjustments to bolster your defense.
  • Real-world applications demonstrated through a successful collegiate defense strategy.

Why Choose This Course?

Whether you're looking to enhance your current defensive scheme or build a new foundation, "Defending the Modern Offense with Universal Run Fits" offers actionable insights and strategies from a seasoned coach with a proven track record. Elevate your team's performance by mastering a system that can adapt to any offense, ensuring your defense remains formidable in every game.


  • Is this course suitable for coaches at all levels?
    Yes, this course is designed for defensive coaches across high school, college, and professional levels who are looking to improve their defense against a variety of offenses.
  • How will this course improve my team's defense?
    By implementing the universal run fit system, your team will gain the flexibility and knowledge needed to effectively counter both traditional and modern offenses, potentially leading to a decrease in points and yards allowed per game.
  • Can I integrate these techniques into my existing defensive scheme?
    Absolutely. The universal run fit system is designed to be adaptable, allowing you to enhance your current scheme without the need for a complete overhaul.